Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm a derelict...but loveable anyway.

Not only have I left this blog to rot in cyberspace, I've yet to add any information about my first published short story, Watcher's Sacrifice, found in the anthology released June 21, 2011 Urban Moon.  I'm fixing that now.  Stopping the cycle of half-filled journals that has plagued my personal writing life.  I can't promise stunning insights with every entry, but I'll always shoot for more than a Facebook update.

Here goes it.

I'm delighted that Watcher's Sacrifice finally found its way from my computer into a format that has a for real ISBN number!  It was an incredible learning experience that has left me both energized to finish its continuation, the full length book The Scrying Lens (due out this fall), and nervous about applying all of those lessons.

But I'm fortunate to be supported by several smart women who are capable of soothing me as well as calling me on my shit.  And you really can't get much better than that.

This weekend I'm opening a bottle of wine and the draft of The Scrying Lens after leaving both untouched for far too long.  

I'm committing to touching base once a week...feel free to e-mail feedback on Watcher's Sacrifice or throw out a topic to chew on.